The difference. The Family. In my opinion, it’s our family two generations of family DJ’s that started out in the late 80′s when the founders were dreaming about purchasing first turntables and a mixer while literally frying chicken at KFC listening to mixed tapes; inspired by other talented DJs like Unlimited Sounds and Spintronix. Now our business operates with our 2nd generation of our own nephews and nieces. With our professional direction and guidance of 18 years, our 2nd generation is taking events to a whole new level. On some occasion, you’ll find the Uncles playing because we can never forget what we love.

Fun. The day’s of tuxedo DJs have come to pass as we no longer take center stage for entertainment. It’s your day not ours and we focus on your fun. We love to build up anticipation of guests during dinners and then blow them away with dancing all night. Our greatest pleasure comes from wonderful feedback from guests to you telling us how much fun they had after the event has passed.

Style. Simple. Your style. If you love line dancing or break dancing, we have no problem playing it. Remember, we’re here for you and your guests enjoyment. The opposite works the same. If you don’t like a particular style or genre of music, let us know and we will be courteous and inform requesters that you’ve asked us to play your style of music preference.

Teamwork. Unlike most one man DJs, there’s usually at least 3 of us working at all times. One person is our dedicated MC and coordinator. The other is behind the scenes support working with sound and lighting, crowd management and there to assist in case things happen. Lastly, the DJ on the one’s and two’s mixing, scratching, and executing YOUR well planned playlist to your style. Other vendors love us because we coordinate activities not only with day of coordinators, but with photographers, videographers, decorators, and venue staff.

Passion. We love what we do and while most of us would do this for free we keep the business going to constantly upgrade our equipment and skills. I sure my nephews love it when I remind them to practice, practice, practice and build perfect playlists. I’m a stickler for details and perfectionist sorry.

Professionalism. This separates us from most since some DJs don’t really prioritize customer service. That means simple things like planning, following up, being courteous, and always professional. In addition to operations such as insurance, contracts, event planning, administration, and management activities.

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