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“M1DJS helped us to develop a custom playlist and music program that really brought all the wedding elements together…” Eddy Chan, San Jose

On Saturday June 21, 2008. We played in a beautiful golf course and scenic outdoor wedding in San Jose. The bride and groom requested DJ/MC services for the ceremony, intermission, and reception. We created a custom music programme with input from the bride and groom to create a Carribbean and world music theme. We also provided lighting effects in multiple rooms to enhance colors of walls and background to match decor.
Welcome and Dinner | Ceremony | Intermission | Introductions | Up-Tempo Dinner | First Dance/Games/Bouquet Toss | Dance Reception


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Many thanks to DJ Bones, DBDLUX, and Mix-Master-Mark for making our wedding such a tremendous success. You guys really know how to turn the party out! Everyone had a great time and the music was awesome.

Sheila and Maria

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We are writing this letter in appreciation for your outstanding services. Mike Marshall was an amazing DJ to work with. He was personable, professional, and truly cared about meeting our needs and expectations for one of the most important days of our lives. We really appreciated his attention to detail, creativeness, and willingness to accomodate special requests. We are more than happy to refer M1DJs to anyone who is looking for a great DJ service, as we look forward to working with you again in the near future. Thank you so much for adding to the love and excitement of our wedding.

Alex & Maricel


Think lighting your reception site means flipping on a light switch? If you want to turn your site from standard to simply stunning, you’ll probably need to take a more illuminating approach to your decor. “Lighting creates a mood,” says event designer Preston Bailey, and when it’s done well, lighting can make everything — including your flowers, cake, and guests — look better. Here’s the right way to plan your lighting.

Amber Color Wash

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At M1DJS, we consider lighting to be just as important the music program. It is difficult to create moods just with music. Simple lighting and cost-effective effects such as up-lighting used to accent or color wash the columns or walls or a reception space can really enhance the reception space and all the pieces you’ve worked to put together such as the table cloth colors, flowers, center pieces and more importantly the pictures and videos. We can make that dull reception space look elegant and sophisticated. How?

M1DJS Custom Gobos

In a previous life, I was a theatre technical engineer creating stages, props, and lighting sequences for scenes. The same can be said about wedding receptions. With the right lighting sequences we can easily create the moods from a powerful vibrant introduction of the bridal party, to an intimate first dance with the Father and the Bride with dimmers and par cans or pin spots. Effective lighting sequences sets the stage for what’s to come next. A simple dimming of lights or spot light can really set the mood for the first dance even before the MC announces it and a search light can set the stage for cake cutting. In your next interview with an M1DJS or account manager be sure to spend a little time discussing lighting effects and sequences.

Our Krypton MAC250s

Gobos or your name in lights. Now if you really want to dazzle the crowd we create custom gobos with your names or initials on it. Our martin lights come with a separate slot for custom gobos. We can use that slot to display your names in light i.e. “Geoff and Kermie” on walls, above wedding cakes, introductions in any effect you want. You name lights can sweep the dance floor or stay static on walls or entry way. Again the lighting sequence is important here to ensure you get the timely desired effect. All of our lighting packages are optional, low cost, and high impact.

Amber Color Wash and Blue Accents





Here are the types of lighting commonly used at weddings:

Pin spot – A focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, like a centerpiece or wedding cake, as a highlight effect.

Color wash – There are a few different types of light fixtures that can create a “wash,” which is basically a blanket of colored light covering an entire area.

Gobos – Circular stencils that are put over a light to project a design or pattern. Popular gobo designs are monograms, dates, or any other wedding motifs. The complexity of the design will affect the gobo’s cost — a simple stencil can be stamped out of steel, while a more intricate design must be laser etched out of stainless steel or a glass that can withstand high heat (costing much more than a stamped stencil).


All events should have precision speakers and high quality recordings. At M1DJS, we do both because you deserve it. We hold nothing back when it comes to sound quality. Where other DJ’s stop at music and mixing we raise the bar higher with high precision sound equipment. All of our event packages include Mackie powered speakers. Do not settle for less!

Our Mackie Power Speaker Line

Re-Engineered for Superior Performance
The new SAz Series Loudspeakers start with maximum power. The range opens with 500 watts RMS total in the SA1521z, and grows to a massive 1300 watts RMS total in the SA1530z, SA1232z, and SA1532z. And we made sure this power was translated into incredible accuracy with completely re-calibrated active electronics — including precision crossovers, thermal and transducer protection, and electronic time-correction. These revamped electronics are coupled with new neodymium mid- and high-frequency drivers, delivering greater accuracy and increased output versus our previous ceramic-magnet models, yet weigh significantly less. And as the only premium active loudspeakers with optimized WaveFront™ horns, the SAz series’ natural sound and ultra-wide dispersion are simply unparalleled in its class.

Our full range speakers

Three 3-Way Designs with Patented Wavefront™ High/Mid Horn
Mackie’s top-of-the-line SA1530z, SA1232z and SA1532z employ several distinct elements to achieve their amazing accuracy and full, natural sound. For each model, frequencies above 3kHz are produced by a 1.75-inch neodymium compression driver, while a six-inch neodymium mid-range transducer operates between 700Hz and 3kHz— eliminating the placement of a crossover point in the center of critical voice frequencies.

Additionally, all three models feature our optimized wide-dispersion WaveFront™ horn design— a scientifically developed one-piece 90°x40° horn that combines both mid- and high-frequency drivers. Unlike typical mid/high horn designs, the high-frequency section fires slightly downward into the six-inch mid-range driver’s dispersion pattern, creating a focused, single wave front with excellent phase and power response characteristics. The resulting 90° x 40° dispersion pattern provides open, natural sound for the entire audience, even at extreme output levels.

Our Accurate, Earth-Shaking Bass Enhancement

Picking up where our SWA1501 leaves off, the Mackie SWA1801z ups the ante with even more wattage and a bigger 18″ transducer. The SWA1801z features an internal 800-Watt FR (Fast Recovery) Series amplifier and a high-precision 18″ transducer custom designed for optimal performance with the amp and enclosure. Onboard Mackie Active electronics ensure seamless integration of the amplifier and transducer at all times, creating a system that is highly efficient and versatile. Add it all up and this high-output system will peel the paint right off the walls!

Subwoofer packages in Premium and Ultimate event packages

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DJ Alley Al and M1DJS thank you so much! The lounge theme setup with custom gobos of our names, lava walls, sound, and lights was incredible! The music was awesome and everyone had so much fun!

Geoff and Kermie

Event Info:

Palace Hotel, San Francisco California
DJs: Alley, DBDLUX, Bones
Ultimate Wedding Package

Stafford Wedding Playlist – 01 Cocktail Reception
Stafford Wedding Playlist – 02 Introduction, First Dance, Toss
Stafford Wedding Playlist – 03 Dinner Music Uptempo
Stafford Wedding Playlist – 04 Dancing



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Q: Do you use professional DJ equipment and how will it be presented at my
A: We use only club grade and high grade industry professional equipment such as Mackie, Rane, Shure, and Martin. We invest over 40% of our revenues to continuously upgrade and improve our sound and lighting equipment so that clients and guests can enjoy state of the art equipment.

Q: Do you bring back up equipment and microphones?
A: We have backups for all equipment such as speakers, lights, microphones, and of course music. We ensure that every performance is tested and fully functional before any of the guests arrive. We even test the voltage to ensure we have plenty of power for a flawless performance.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. We carry up to $1 million in professional liability and general liability insurance. We can at anytime prior to the event increase the coverage for larger venues whom require greater coverage.

Q: Am I talking to the person(s) who will DJ/MC my wedding?
A: Yes. Complete a DJ profile matching form and we will set up a meeting for you to meet our DJ whom we think best matches your requirements and style. All of our DJs are trained MCs and can perform either or both roles for you event depending on your needs.

Q: Can I get a list of references?
A: Yes. We will provide references at your request relevant to your size, requirements, and style preferences.

Q: How will you be dressed?
A: Our standard uniform for events is black shirt, pant, and tie for all events. However, we can certainly dress to any occasion to match your style or custom themes.

Q: What is your policy on food and alcohol?
A: We do not expect you to pay for any meals. No drinking is allowed at events, no exceptions.

Q: Do you provide reception planning?
A: We provide music program development services free of charge. The music program is detailed minute by minute schedule of events based on your music preferences and more importantly integrated into the overall event plan used by either M1 event planners or your selected wedding planner. Optionally, we offer event planning services. Our event planners are highly skilled and trained professionals whom specialize in weddings and can assist you in event planning activities such as budgeting, logistics, design, contracts, communication, and coordination.

Q: Will you bring lights and props if we want them?
A: We can customize your lighting and props to suite your reception requirements and match themes.

Q: Can I choose some songs I would like to have played or not have played? Do you take requests?
A: Included in all packages. You can customize your playlist as well as incorporate guest(s) requests in advance (online) or during the event (text message). We provide you’re personal online playlist to specify songs that you want played or not played. If you’re not sure, we can help you build a playlist. We can even create a special mix set for a dance routine or special performance.

Q: Will you take charge and control the events at my wedding?
A: Yes. Your DJ/MC works with event planner before each event to work out details and to ensure that the wedding runs smoothly allowing you to focus more on your guests.

Q: What type of speaking and/or vocal lessons have you had? (for MC)
A: All of our MCs are professional and experienced public speakers.

Q: Are their any extra charges that we should know about in advance?
A: Yes, Transportation charges are required for destinations over 50 miles radius from office. Travel expenses such as airfare and lodging may apply to destinations over 100 miles radius from office.

Q: Do you do this for a living?
A: No. Most of our DJs and MCs work part-time and weekends. M1DJS provide flexible working arrangements for our staff whom either choose full time or remote working preferences. Our event planners are full time dedicated resources when staffed for your event. This keeps costs down that translate to savings for our clients.

Q: Do you invite prospective clients to view you at a wedding?
A: No. Your wedding is not an appropriate time to talk to future clients. Our time is devoted to you.

Q: Can we meet with you in person before we book you and for a final meeting just before our wedding?
A: Yes and yes. We will meet with you as many times as needed to fulfill requirement and style of your wedding. We are respectful of your time and resourceful towards achieving optimal results in a short period of time.

Q: Can I get either a quote or signed copy of a contract with times, location, and price listed?
A: Always. We ensure that all details are explained and that you understand the terms of the contract before you sign.

Q: If we want overtime is that an option?
A: Overtime is always an option. We are yours for the day and can stay as long as you like.